Student Newsletter – January 2014

Hello again everyone,

I am very excited about 2014. Learning an instrument is a lifelong endeavour and as you grow up your attitude towards it will change with you as you grow as a person. This is so perfectly normal that, to be quite honest, I’d be worried if it didn’t. A new year is a chance to evaluate where your playing is at, so our lessons for the month of January will be focused on establishing where we are in your musical development, where you would like to go from here and where you might like to end up. Are you enjoying/not engaging with the music we’ve been playing? Have you had enough of/would like to do more grade exams? There may occasionally be more discussion than playing in your lessons (that doesn’t mean less practise though!), but the outcome will be that we are both directing you towards a goal that will be motivating and inspiring.
So welcome back, Happy New Year and Let’s Go!

Dates for Your Diary

Student Concert! – Sunday 9th March, 2pm
I know how much you all enjoy these so the next one is in just over two months time. It will be another joint concert with some of Katie’s pupils (the reason it is slightly earlier than the same time last is year that Katie’s baby is due end of March/beginning of April!) Time to get thinking about what you’d like to play. Remember, the focus, as always, is on giving a really good performance, even if it is not playing the hardest piece that you can just about manage. I want you to enjoy these shows.

Music in Bristol

Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival
The weekend of the Students’ Concert, 7-9th March there is the Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival at Colston Hall. Even if you do not fancy the £12 for a ticket to some of the more expensive gigs, there will be almost uninterrupted music absolutely free for the whole weekend in the Colston Hall foyer. I wholly encourage all of you to get out into Bristol and sample any and all the music you can get your hands on. Beats a CD any day (do you still use CDs or am I showing my age now??)


In all the excitement of the last concert I forgot to do the announcement of the winner if the quiz! The answer was, of course, the Wallace and Gromit theme tune and I will make the announcement at the March concert. Don’t let me forget! I’ll be giving out another quiz just before so there will be two to give out! There is no end to the excitement.

Your Favourite Music

With this newsletter you will receive a slip asking you a bit of information about your favourite music. It is very important that you do this – full details on the sheet. (This will be availble to download in the next day or so!)

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Joshua Bishop is a Music Educator, motivated by the power of music to inspire and communicate with everyone universally. In his eyes, everyone is musical; we just need the opportunity and encouragement to allow our creativity to flourish. He also works for Jackdaws Music Education Trust and has wide experience as a freelance conductor, accompanist and musical director, in addition to concert and orchestral management.