Joshua Bishop

Joshua Bishop


Bath Offroad Marathon

On my way to 4th place in the Bath Offroad Marathon

Music and sport are both incredibly physical activities. They help you understand your how your body works and how your mind learns; they are a challenge relative only to themselves and in doing so provide their own rewards. What I learn from my sporting activities informs my teaching.

I discovered endurance sport after university and I have let it literally run away with me (pun intended, unfortunately). I love to swim, cycle and run in triathlons of all distances. From them I have learned a huge amount about the study of performance, which is far more advanced in sport science than it is in music. I have come to realise that preparing for musical performance is an area often overlooked in all but the top conservatories. This is crazy. The good news is that everything I have learnt about the science of athletic performance is almost exactly transferable to musical performance, and just a little thought can turn your performance from “But I can play it at home!” to “Nailed it!!” – Watch out for a blog post on this shortly, or get in touch to see how I can help.

My triathlon goal for 2013 was an Iron distance triathlon for which I trained for over a year. Conditions on the day were the most horrific I have ever raced through – big wave swells for the swim, a thunder storm during the bike (including lightning – terrifying), but things lightened up in time for the run, which meant I was running beneath one of the most stunning sunsets I have ever seen. After setting off at 7am, before dawn, I finished in 14 hours, 45 minutes and 45 seconds, just over two hours before midnight. I am disappointed with my performance and am looking to race another Iron distance triathlon in the future, but not in 2014.

At the Elbaman finishline

Sporting Achievements of 2013 include:

Elbaman Iron distance Triathlon: Completed in 14 hours, 45 minutes
Bath Running Festival Offroad Marathon: 4th place, 4 hours, 6 minutes and 59 seconds
Frome Half Marathon: 11th place, 1 hour 28 minutes, 19 seconds
A Day in the Lake Half Iron Triathlon: Completed in 6 hours, 12 minutes, 22 seconds
Bradford on Avon Olympic Triathlon: 2 hours, 16 minutes, 58 seconds

Goals for 2014
In 2014 I am looking forward to the Bristol Green Man Challenge, a 46 mile ultramarathon on the path circling the city of Bristol, on 1st March.